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12 Magical Holiday Engagement Ideas for a Festive Proposal

Holiday engagement party invitations

Snow falling, holiday lights galore, families gathering together — it’s the perfect time of year to ask your significant other that big, special question! But what’s the best way to pull off a holiday engagement?

We’re here to help with all of our favorite holiday proposal ideas. There’s a reason the holiday season is one of the most popular times to pop the question. Discover how you can plan a wonderful, personalized proposal moment with these tips, location ideas, and creative holiday engagement ideas.
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13 New Year’s Eve Party Themes to Kick Off a Fabulous New Year

New Years Eve party themes: friends celebrating the New Year together

The end of the year is the perfect time for goal-setting, reflection, and celebrating. Whether you’re kicking last year to the curb and focusing on a brighter new year or celebrating big wins over the last 12 months, make it a night to remember by hosting a New Year’s Eve party.

With these New Year’s Eve party themes, you can host an over-the-top glamorous event or a cozy night surrounded by loved ones. Best of all, it’s easy to invite guests to the special bash since we’ve paired each one with a digital invitation design for inspiration. 
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Time to Celebrate! 10 Can’t-Miss Work Holiday Party Planning Tips

Work holiday party invitation on a plate

Planning a work holiday party isn’t easy, even if it’s something you volunteered to do. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun in the process. From nailing down a date and budget to selecting the menu and activities, there are lots of moving parts when holiday party planning. Fortunately, we have plenty of work holiday party ideas to help you take this year’s bash to the next level.
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Holiday Team-Building Activities: 12 Festive and Fun Ideas

Holiday team building activities: friends putting their hands together

While the holidays are closely linked to time spent with friends and family, setting aside some festive holiday time for coworkers is a great way to connect and build deeper bonds. It lets you get outside of the work environment and into a relaxed setting of holiday cheer.

Sure, you could just send out business Christmas cards and Hanukkah cards to colleagues, but it’s much more fun to get everyone together before going your separate ways for the holidays. With that in mind, check out these holiday team-building activities to kick off a season of joy. 
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Pet Holiday Cards and Wording Ideas to Spread Cheer This Season

Pet holiday cards

‘Tis the season to be adorable! If you have a furry best friend, sending delightful pet holiday cards to your nearest and dearest will surely spread plenty of cheer. To make the most of your pawliday greetings this year, check out these photo shoot ideas, wording inspiration, and digital card designs.
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Holiday Brunch Ideas: 19 Recipes, Decor Tips, and Invitations

Holiday brunch ideas: family happily eating together

What better way to celebrate the love and joy of the holiday season than with a merry and bright brunch? If you’re ready to invite your favorite people to indulge in tasty dishes and deck the halls, look no further than this list of holiday brunch ideas.

We’ve collected must-try recipes from around the world, from decadent American inventions to classic Swiss and French favorites. Plus, we’ve included a few can’t-miss tips for decorating the table and making your celebration more memorable. You’ll also find holiday invitation ideas to invite guests to your home during the holidays.
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18 Fun (and Surprising) New Year’s Traditions From Around the World

New Year's traditions: friends throwing confetti up in the air

There’s no single way to celebrate the arrival of a new year. With so many cultures, places, and customs across the world, it’s no surprise that there are countless New Year’s traditions — including some you may not have heard of before.

Read on to discover some of our favorite New Year’s traditions worldwide, from Spain and Scotland to Brazil, Japan, and beyond. It’s time to ring in a very happy New Year!
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15 New Year’s Invitations and Cards That Are Worth Toasting

New years invitations: people having a toast while holding some sparklers

It’s true what they say: The days are long, but the years are short. It seems that just when you start signing the right date on cards and checks, suddenly another year comes and goes! To celebrate the past year — and what the coming year has in store — get ready to send out New Year’s cards and New Year’s invitations for festive parties.

Whether you’re throwing a New Year’s Eve party or just couldn’t get your annual holiday card out on time and want to send New Year’s cards instead, you’ll need stunning stationery. And with beautiful, champagne-popping ecards that take just a few minutes to customize, you’ll have them out before the ball drops.
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12 Hanukkah Cards to Share Your Holiday Wishes

Hanukkah cards, small gifts, and food on a table

Sending Hanukkah cards can be a wonderful way to share the joy of the season with loved ones and honor this special Jewish holiday. If you plan to send Hanukkah cards this year, we have all the details you need to craft a special message along with 12 of our favorite card designs.
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70s Theme Party Outfits: 10 Ideas for Psychedelic and Funky Attire

Couple wearing 70s theme party outfits

Whether you’re hosting a 70s theme party or have been invited to a disco celebration, dressing up can make the event more fun. But what do you wear to stand out from the crowd? Get the skinny on funky threads and groovy 70s theme party outfits.

You’ll also discover some of our favorite 70s theme party invites if you’re planning the party. That way, you can get your guests stoked for your event with invite designs that match the theme. It’s time to kick things off for a far-out event! 
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